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Our Mold Remediation Specialists are located right outside of Pittsburgh.  American Mold Remediation LLC. is the only company in Pittsburgh that offers a life-time renewable warranty on Mold Remediation Services and keep prices affordable.  We will provide you viable solutions to your problems and address your concerns.  We use the safest chemicals in the industry of mold remediation to ensure that our workers and clients are in a safe environment from start to finish

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American Mold Remediation is commited to providing first-rate service and quality work for mold removal services in the greater Pittsburgh Area.

The American Mold Remediation crew is clean, courteous, efficient, and extremely skilled.  AMR performs services for residential, commercial and industrial settings so no job is too big or too small.   American Mold Remediation is a certified mold contracting company who follows the protocol of the IICRC 520 standards.

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With AMR, you not only get a certified mold company, but you get an honest experienced friend in the business.

We work closely with our clients and prospects ensuring that we do the work that we were contracted to perform, resulting in the best possible results for you and your family.

Our experienced crew guarantees clean service and we will work within your budget.

American Mold Remediation is certified and insured. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise, at honest prices. Our Mold Remediation experts service the entire Greater Pittsburgh Area. We had the honor to work on Northshore Connector Project and have also worked with fortune 500 companies in performing mold remediation services. American Mold Remediation is  an all around mold remediation specialty company focusing on mold removal in the residential, commercial and an industrial level. The staff at AMR has traveled the country networking with other mold remediation contractors allowing us to share our industry secrets and stay ahead of our competition. AMR is constantly evolving to better our services through selecting and testing new chemicals, new processes, inventing new mold remediation tools/equipment and outperforming our competition by following protocol.  

Third Party Clearance testing: A mold test should always be performed by third party inspection company due to a conflict of interest where the mold remediation contractor has financial gain to find mold. A mold test is recommended at the completion of a mold remediation job by a third party as well due to a conflict of interest in a mold remediation contractor. There are many mold remediation contractors in the Pittsburgh area that have been performing their own testing and clearing the own work which is against the recommendations of the IICRC-S520 code. We refer out all of our testing to a third-party inspection company but will gladly talk you through the process of selecting a mold inspection company and are able to help interpret results through a visual inspection. Some of our competition have been taking their own mold testing and saying that the mold levels are acceptable when they are not. Please do not fall into this trap.  

Our Equipment is sanitized and decontaminated after every job.  We change our air filters on our hepa machines on every job to help prevent cross-contamination. We apply a speciality mold prevention chemical on all of our equipment every 90 days. Most mold remediation/restoration equipment comes with built in protection for mold growth, however if equipment has dirt/debris on it, mold spores can grow and be transferred into a house from the restoration equipment.

This is why we take pride in cleaning our equipment and protecting your home cross-contamination.​

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